All my classes take a playful, abundant, and personalized approach.

Nothing required but a spirit of adventure.

Freeform Collage

6-8 weeks

Work with abandon. Use stamps and stencils to create a colorful  library of personal fabric or papers. Then tear, cut, and rearrange. Deepen your understanding of color. Explore the possibilities of design. Every class is tailored to the students’ interests. Fun and discovery guaranteed.

“I so appreciate the balance of structure and freedom to work in my own way. I also appreciate your gentle encouragement and guidance along the way. It was great fun.”


Workshop: Thermofax Printing

4-6 hours

Your opportunity to work with this fast-paced, inspiring print technique. Learn the basics of image creation, including where to get your screens.  Then work with a library of images and text. Create unique layered designs on cloth or fabric.

“Terrific class!! New approach to quilting.”


Workshop: Spirit Flags

4-6 hours

Working with images from nature, learn how to use Thermofax screens. Create a series of beautifully layered prints. After a break, tear, cut and rearrange your materials. With glue and stitch,  assemble them into banners for indoors or out.

” I was so glad to have come to your class, Linda.  You were so well prepared with handouts, extra materials, awareness of time constraints, and great follow up.  You were generous with suggestions for getting the most out of a process, ideas for later exploration, honest appraisal of a technique’s limitations. Most inspiring was your clear enthusiasm for and enjoyment of making art. “


Workshop: Image Transfer

4-6 hours

Learn ways to move personal photos and text into your art. You’ll generate collage material with a personal perspective. On paper or fabric, explore different ways to weave imagery into your art.

“I enjoyed the class immensely. I was so excited by what I learned that I woke up quite early the next morning feeling inspired to try out the techniques at home…You made the learning process such a pleasure and encouraged our exploration in a wonderfully relaxed manner. Thank you so much!”


Elder Art

Group classes for residents in supportive living,  rehab and dementia care.  I adapt lessons to match residents’ abilities and interests.  We work in a variety of materials, including watercolor, clay and found objects. Participants are encouraged to take chances. They learn to experiment, and find out how satisfied they feel when a piece is done.

“All of us came here saying we couldn’t draw a straight line. Now we know, it doesn’t matter. And circles are more fun.”

-81-year-old resident, assisted living

Many elders have never painted.  Art-making provides a new identity.  It is a risk that brings emotional reward. The shared journey also  fosters a sense of community. Working together, residents encourage each other.  When we share our work, I emphasize how each piece is uniquely wonderful.

While creating, residents live in the moment. Even those who initially hesitate become fully engaged. Individuals with fractured memories concentrate.  Sometimes we work quietly. Other times we laugh and talk.  Memories surface. Stories get told. Everyone’s mood improves. The energy continues after class. They leave with a tangible creation, to share with caregivers and family.

 “Your class is the high-point of my week.”

-84-year-old student, supportive living